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Car Hire Rimini Railway Station

Rimini Railway Station is a major train station serving the city of Rimini in Italy. It is part of Bologna Ancona railway managed by Italian federation called RFI (Rete Ferroviaria Italiana). The station is located at the place Piazzale Cesare Battisti.

The current railway station is a rebuild of older built-in a classical style. The new one is very functional and elegant. Even though with the changes, the Rimini Railway Station remains as one of the historic buildings of the city. The trains from the station move to Milan and Bologna. The railway station has all the facilities for passengers. It has restaurants, retail shops, and cafes. To go around Rimini from the railway station, one can hire a car at affordable rates. The buses from the station are also available. However, these follow a pre-planned schedule and one might need to wait for the bus arrival.

The city of Rimini is an exquisite place for seaside tourism and nightlife. It has many beach resorts and one of them is the largest in Europe. Beaches here provide top bathing facilities for the tourists. The promenade on the seaside lined with hotels, restaurants, and nightclubs is busy with tourists. Lungomare Augustore and Marina Centro are the two centers for nightlife and beaches. The beaches offer umbrellas, cabanas, and beach chairs for the tourists to relax and enjoy. At the summer time, Rimini gets many tourists from all over the world. The traffic at this time is very busy on the streets. The comfortable way to travel is by hiring the car from the Rimini railway station.

Rimini as a historic center has many archeological structures and remains. The Roman Rimini is one of the famous tourist attractions. It was erected in 268BC and connects a bridge called Ponte di Tiberio, which points back to 21AD. Next is the Piazza Cavour that was built-in the medieval period. It is a main square area where in the center, the statue of Pope Paul IV was built. There are some of its remains at the square. Other Roman structures that one can see are Piazza tre Martiri, S Agostino, Malatesta Temple and City Museum. There are many tourist attractions at Rimini. To visit these entire places one might need an escort or guide. Also travelling by a hired car is the best mode of transport to visit these places with comfort.

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