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Piazza Del Molo, 1, Palau, 07020 (Italy)
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Car Hire Palau

Palau is an island that surpasses all. Though small and officially declared a country, it has more wonders than most of the countries known for tourism. It is part of other highlands known as Micronesia. It is located in the Western part of the Pacific Ocean. It is known to be one of the best diving destinations in the world. The diving clubs in other places could organize to tour this destination for some good experience. They can choose it for their competitions. As small as the island may seem, Car hire is the best option to take the visitor to all the wonder zones.

Visit the people at the outskirts of Palau with a car hire to notice their peculiar culture that they have held for decades. The developments are in this particular country, though they strongly hold onto the past cultures. The visitors will learn how the People of this island celebrate the births of the new born, funeral services and the way they have a connection with water. It is amazing and fascinating to be people of such kind. People who are united to preserve there culture by whatever means. That is what has not been possible in most countries. They view culture as barbaric. Places to visit and activities to do.


Palau has been identified to be one of the best diving zones in the world. The nature of the coral reeve arrangements allows diving as opposed to many other places.

Island Viewing

The visitors can rely on their rental cars to go sought for chartered airplanes or ships which can take them round the island. This warms the heart. It makes the visitors to connect with the nature. It has a healing property to the mind.


Just as the place is defined to be among the best place for diving, it is among the best in surfing too. It is endowed with some of the best currents which aid the activity.

Cultural Center

They celebrate their unique culture by making art which supports it. They have some of the best crafted sculptures.


Those who love fishing can go fishing for fish to eat. There are other fishes that attract visitors a lot. Jelly fish and the dolphins. Mostly, the dolphins which are thought to be the only animals thinking like human beings. Lastly, you can drive your car hire to any of these destinations with you fiancé, propose, or even marry from there. It will be one of the most memorable events ever.

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