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Car Hire Imola

A small town in north-central Italy, Imola has a rich history dating back to 82 BC when it is said to have been founded. With a deep culture and plenty of attractions to visit such as the Rocca Sforzesca, many visitors here seem to agree that getting a car rental is the best way to make good use of your stay in the town.

Benefits of Car Hire

Not to imply that the public transport system or taxis within the town are not reliable; but there are vast advantages of touring a new location using a car hire vehicle. Such advantages include:

  1. You get to plan the timings of your tours and this is especially beneficial if your visit to Imola is not purely for pleasure and y may have other matters to take care of.
  2. Why get tied down by bus schedules? Stay out as late as you wish as long as you have your personal car rental.
  3. Renting a car will in the long run be much cheaper than getting a taxi. And pus taxi operators tent to take advantage of foreigners by overcharging them.
  4. With a rental vehicle you get to enjoy some personal space; as is not the case with public transport.

Imola Road Rules and regulations

Before walking into a care hire shop and requesting the rental vehicle of your choice, it is deemed wise to first make sure you are conversant with the traffic rules of the land. This will avoid you getting into trouble and ensure your stay in Imola is as peaceful as possible. A couple of thing to keep in mind concerning driving in Italy are:

  • Driving is on the right hand side
  • Children under 12 years of age should sit at the back seats
  • Front seat belts should be fitted and worn at all times. If the back seatbelts are fitted, they should be worn too
  • Alcohol limit is 50mg per 100 ml of blood and even though Italy is known for its wines, restrain from tasting any as long as you are driving. You are not allowed to drive your car rental into the city centre. Park it outside then get a public transport means into the city.
  • If you wear spectacles or lenses, always have a spare pair in the vehicle at all times.
  • If you are caught in offence of any traffic regulation and fined, the fine should be paid within 60 days. Payments are made in cash to the nearest police station

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