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Car Hire Badia Agnano

Italy is well known for its remarkable heritage and famous tourist destinations. Badia Agnano is one of them located in Tuscany region. It is 184 km from Rome, the capital of Italy. Hire a car for the better and comfortable access to the place, because there are many important and eye catching sites in this region. Badia Agnano is over the valley of Trove and near Arezzo. It is situated near the Tuscan hill. The village of Badia Agnano is now associated with Bucine. Bucine is the heart of Valdambra. The village is a very good place to visit for the people interested in historical heritage. This village depicts the culture that existed during the 13th and 14th centuries AD. It has been the heart of the most remarkable war between Siena and Florence.

The old monasteries have become under the private control, and people use them as private residences. The church of Saints Tiburzio and Susanna dating back at 1600s have their ruins still visible. After the crisis of 14th century, all the benefits were rewarded to the dignitaries. St Mary's Abbey was under control of different abbots. These abbots were designated by the Pope. Due to these practices, the relationship of culture and religion started to weaken. Following the crisis during the 16h century, the village of Badia Agnano was destroyed.

For the people who are interested in historical and cultural heritage, Badia Agnano is a great treasure for them. This place is far from the capital city of Italy. It is better to hire a car in order to travel the long distances of this area.

Here is brief information about some important places in Badia Agnano:

Battle of Montaperti

This battle was fought in 1260 between Florence and Siena in Tuscany. It was the result of the conflict between Guelphs and Ghibellines. This battle is famous for the act of treachery. It was depicted and immortalized by Dante Alighieri in his poetry. This place is worth seeing.

Castello di Montalto

It is also known as the castle of Montalto. It is located in the east of Siena. It is located on the borders of Siena and Florence which existed during the 13th century AD.

Castelnovo Beradenga is a municipality in the province of Siena. It is included in the Chianti wine- production area. This place is also linked with the famous battle of Montaperti.

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