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Car Hire Kulmbach

If you are thinking why the name Kulmbach appears to sound so familiar, perhaps it is because it is the home of the Plassenburg Castle which in turn houses the world’s largest tin soldier museum. Or if it’s not that, perhaps it is its famed sausages – the bratwurst. One thing though you may not know is that the city has a very good chain of car hire agencies and most of them are even reputable and internationally-recognized. But why would you need a rent a car service when you are visiting the city or pleasure or even when you are a permanent resident here?

Why You Might Need Rent a Car Services in Kulmbach

  • A car rental is a much faster means of getting around. This is because you get to dictate your own pit stops and you can even use shortcuts to get to your destination faster.
  • With a rental you can access places off the beaten bath and take routes never plied by public transport. This presents you with much more to see and do.
  • A vehicle for hire allows you to dictate your own travel times. How about driving off in your car rental to the White tower to watch the sun come up in the wee hours of the morning?
  • With rental service you have the option of driving the car yourself or being chauffeured. This is convenient for you to drive at speeds you are comfortable with or for those who do not trust being driven by someone else; even public transport vehicle drivers.

These are just among the top reasons why car rental is such a popular option when it comes to considering your travel options in a foreign land. And the service is even useful for locals of the locality as well.

Driving in Kulmbach

  1. If you are visiting during the winter season, having snow chains and winter tiers is a must.
  2. You must have headlamp converters.
  3. There are several places that are deemed low emission zones and you need a special permit to be allowed to drive through these zones. You could ask your rental agent about these stickers.
  4. You must be covered by third part insurance. It is required by law.

And you should be glad to have a car rental because Kulmbach has plenty to offer. There especially, are the many festival in the city such as three-day Altstadtfest in June, the Blaicher Kerwa held also in June; and of course the famed Kulmbach Beer Week held by one of the largest breweries in Germany.

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