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Car Hire Bremen Hauptbahnhof

You actually do not need a map or turning on your GPS and Google Maps in order for you to locate Bremen Hauptbahnhof. The train station is located at the heart of Bremen, and what you needto ask a policeman and he will point you towards it. Still, you can rent a car from any of the CBD based taxi agencies, which will cater for your transport. Some people do not notice they are at the station because it does not look like one. Decorated with art, and featuring superb modern and ancient Germany architecture, Bremen Central Station is now one of the most visited places in Bremen and Germany in general.

One look at the Bremen Hauptbahnhof Station gives you a whole lot more than just a station. It has a history, and this is evidenced by the various sculptures you will see with Diedrich Samuel Kropp, and that of Carl Dopmeyer being the most visible. The two were famous Germany sculptors. You might think that the station was built recently, because of its look, but the fact is it was built in 1886, so none of you visitors can claim that you were alive when it was being built. Nonetheless, today it is more than what the prior intentions of building it were, and has super shopping stalls and restaurants in it. People are shipped to this area every weekend by the many car hire companies in the city during the weekends for general shopping of true German accessories.

Obviously you will get the best of Germany foods and snack at Bremen Hauptbahnhof, but if you want more then there are other places you can visit in the city. You can begin by hiring a car in the city, and ask them to take you around the city. Most of the agencies know that the city is a common tourism site, hence already have preplanned schedules if you want to enjoy one day or two days here. You can still get a cheaper room in Bremen Hauptbahnhof if you want to stay for longer because of business or pleasure.

Therefore, if you are planning to visit Bremen soon, here are the most common places to start with; Bremen Town Musicians (not people but a sculpture), The Town Hall, Roland Statue, and Hole of Bremen. Make sure you throw a coin into the hole and listen to what one of the Town Musicians will tell you, the money collected is for charity and helps lots of people in Germany. You do not need much, just the change you will get from hiring a car in Bremen.

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