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Car Hire Chile

A distinctive ribbon shape land of South America that is sandwiched between the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean with its borders meeting Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Drake Passage. It climate consists of a wide variety that ranges from world’s driest desert in North through Mediterranean climate in center to rainy temperate climate in South as well as huge glacial fields.

This narrow strip has great diversity of scenery and landscapes. You can find all sorts of landscapes including rivers, volcanoes, lakes, geysers, beaches and numerous islands. Not only is the place worth seeing but also the hospitality of the people there is worth experiencing. The people and the whole environment are so friendly and addictive that you won’t feel being far from home.

The biggest tourist attraction in Chile is the Easter Island, being famous for the large headed monumental statues, called Moais. This place is the one of the most isolated places on earth and people feel this place quiet mysterious. Along with the statues the Island itself attract visitors towards itself because it also offers diving and surfing activates as well as wonderful sceneries like volcanoes and beaches.

Another popular attraction located towards the North is The Atacama Desert. The place will leave you speechless as you witness the exceptional rock formations. The incredible desert landscapes are the outcome of centuries of floods and storms on the sand and rocks of the region. Valle de la Luna which imitates the surface of moon, Death Valley and Dinosaur Valley are names of the view valleys which you can explore and feel amazed. The capital city Santiago is also a must see. You can find a lot to experience as there are interesting museums to visit, fine dining to enjoy, market for shopping and most important seeing the beautiful architecture of the place with your eyes.

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