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Car Hire Proserpine Airport

Australia is a nature country full of many wondrous natural scenic routes. However, the Whitsunday Coast is regarded as an exceptionally lovely location containing endless amazing sights. This is why the Proserpine Airport has become a major tourist destination. It is the direct international airport serving as the gateway to the attractions of Whitsunday Coast and adjoining lovely Islands of Whitsunday.

Hiring a car for your visit

Proserpine nestles close to the Great Barrier Reef with a number of departure points leading to the reef from the coastal area. Each of these exists, retain unique sights that can be optimally absorbed and enjoyed if you had the foresight to rent a car at Proserpine Airport. Public transport is not the ideal option for those travelling through this scenic route and intending to have maximum fun at a leisurely pace.

There are many leading hire car companies operating at the airport. It is very easy to locate a service that provides hire car packages with customized options. Since a number of reputed international hire car services are available at this destination you are assured of procuring a quality vehicle with many other perks. Many companies offer comprehensive rental packages with around the clock roadside assistance, insurance coverage etc.

  • Proserpine Airport serves as a direct link to Brisbane
  • It is also the main entry point for visiting Whitsunday Coastal areas and Whitsunday Islands
  • Despite being a small regional airport, it has many facilities and provides top notch tourist information. Therefore, you can easily obtain any help necessary for hiring a car or collecting an earlier booked car.

Main attractions in the region

The Great Barrier Reef is a highlight point for any nature traveler visiting Australia. Whether you want to soak in the magnificence of the Reef, snorkel, dive, or go on a boat trip, the entry point will be Proserpine Airport. The Whitsunday Coast town is the perfect base to orient your explorations and to plan side trips to the idyllic shores of neighboring Whitsunday Islands. The luxury resorts in this area are sure to invoke lasting memories.

The possibilities for a person with a rental car are bound to be higher when travelling Whitsunday Coast. There are the scenic drives, verdant hinterlands, sparkling blue waters of the coastal area to take into account. The Eungella National Park, Wilson Beach, Dingo Beach, Finch Hatton Gorge, Cedar Creek Falls, Faust Dam and Conway Beach are just a handful of the bounty of attractions you are sure to come across in this amazing part of Australia.

Other Nearby Locations