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Car Hire Devonport Ferry Tasmania

Located in a small coastal town, the Devonport ferry terminal in Tasmania is a busy port that holds thousands of tourists each month. Once you arrive here, ensure that you visit a car hire company and get yourself a car that will help you access various parts around this port and beyond. This port connects you to Melbourne city and the Northwest.

Thankfully, there are various car hire companies around Devonport. Being behind the steering wheel in a foreign land is one of the most liberating experiences and rent-a-car companies have made this experience achievable. There are many factors to consider when looking for a car hire company here. Factors such as reputation, insurance and variety should not be ignored and since there is much to see and much to do around this port, ensure you hire a car that suits your needs.


  • The Mersey Bluff Lighthouse - Established in the 1800s, this sight sits on a stone base built of bricks. This sight took over from the obelisk and a beacons’ succession that was previously sitting on this site.
  • The Hawley Beach - This is a beautiful and unexplored area with a pristine beach, lovely boulders and many sheltered inlets. If you are looking for a quiet and serene place, then look no further that the Hawley Beach.
  • Tiagara Aboriginal Centre - This is a unique sight that has a beautiful viewing from a panorama view you can view various crafts and native arts around the centre.
  • The Macfie Manor - If you enjoy all things architecture, then you are most likely going to enjoy this historical manor that dates as back as the late 1800 and yet, it remains quite eye catching.

Things to do

  • Comb through the countryside - If you wish to take a break from the dazzling city, fuel up your rental car and drive into the countryside from the ferry terminal. You will enjoy various breathtaking sites such as green vegetation, botanical gardens, hills and green mountains as well as serene and pure atmosphere.
  • Attend the Tasmanian craft fair - This is an experience that you are likely to thoroughly enjoy because this fair boasts hundreds of exhibitors. If you intend to attend this fair, ensure that you place your booking in advance because the fair is usually jammed with tens of thousands of viewers. In addition, you can enjoy watching various items such as woodcarvings, kites, hand-made glassware and much more.

Davenport is just the beginning of the great things that you will see and do in Tasmania.

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