Top 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Greece

Greece's beauty is found in everything that depicts Ancient Greece. And for a place that's so rich in history, it's a wonder why UNESCO has only designated 17 heritage sites so far. Nonetheless, each one that's found in this country is truly worth the visit.

Based on their tourist value and accessibility, here are the top 5 Greek UNESCO World Heritage Sites to definitely check out.

"The Acropolis"

Soure: flickr/Dennis Jarvis

The truth is that Greece is home to many, but the one found in Athens is dubbed as “The Acropolis,” and is arguably one of the most significant UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the country ever since it got designated as such in 1987. This is where you’ll find the Temple of Athena, the Parthenon, the Erechtheion, and so many other sites to behold.

Its large collection of architectural masterpieces has blended perfectly with its natural surroundings, and it has become a great influence on the architectures of the world.


Soure: flickr/Roberto Faccenda

Those who are familiar with the Colossus of Rhodes will know this one very well. Although the statue itself is long gone, what remains in its place as a wonder is the medieval city itself, which has been perfectly preserved until now, after it has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site In 1988.

The Medieval City of Rhodes is undoubtedly a beautiful symbol of two very important historical periods, namely the Gothic period as represented by the Upper Town, and the Ottoman period, which is demonstrated by the Lower Town.

Old Town of Corfu

Soure: flickr/Kamyar Adl

To the west of the coasts of Albania and Greece lies the Corfu Island where a town with a history that dates back to the 8th century exists, still preserved in its original state. It is a gateway to maritime commerce during those times, and is guarded by three forts that have been built by well known Venetian engineers.

It is now a well known Mediterranean port, but you can still see the neoclassical housing within the Old Town. For a UNESCO World Heritage Site it’s quite new, having been designated only in the year 2007.

Delphi of Central Greece

Soure: flickr/Daniel Enchev

Ancient Greeks were quite keen on Oracles, and those who sought their wisdom would find what they were looking for in Delphi. The Ancients believed that Delphi was the world’s “navel”, which isn’t surprising given that the place is surrounded by mountains.

Delphi’s sacredness is what entices travelers to visit this UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987, being comprised of the Temple of Apollo, the Sanctuary of Athena, and the like.

Patmos Historic Center

Soure: flickr/mccrories

Dominating the small island of Patmos, Dodecanese, is the Monastery of St. John, a historic complex that has now been known both as a place of pilgrimage as well as Greek Orthodox learning to many. The place is said to be where St. John, the Theologian, wrote of the Gospel and the Apocalypse.

It is also home to many secular structures worth noting. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999.