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Car Hire Guatemala

Many people have subscribed to roadside assistance services when it comes to their personal cars, but few think about these services when it comes to using a rental car service Guatemala for their transport needs during the holidays. The fact is that many reliable car hire Guatemala agencies offer roadside assistance insurance to cover their clients and rental cars in case of a roadside emergency.

A roadside assistance insurance policy protects you the renter during the use of the rental car. You will be able to access services such as towing services, fuel delivery and flat tire changes among others. The fact that you will be in a foreign country makes these services invaluable because you will be secure that in case of car trouble you have a place to turn to. All you do is make a call to the emergency hotline, and they will be with you in the shortest amount of time possible.

This assistance is not open ended because it is in most times applicable to cases where the emergency is something that the renter cannot deal with. This does not include situations caused by the driver's negligence such as when driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In case they respond to such cases, you can expect to pay a hefty fine for the services rendered.

Most people think that roadside assistance services are free for renters, but more car rental services Guatemala are charging for roadside assistance on rentals cars. To be sure of where you stand, ensuring you make enquires before signing the agreement as these services are very important for anyone renting a car in a foreign land. So if there is roadside assistance coverage, just pay for it instead of risking a problem on the road with no on to turn to, or having the assistance but having to pay huge bills for it.

This rental car - hire Guatemala package can cost as much as two dollars a day which may be expensive for certain people. The alternative is to be charged for any road side assistance you get. Considering a car tire change can cost as much as 60 dollars, you are better off choosing the daily roadside assistance coverage fee.

Alternatively do some in depth research for reputable rental car agency Guatemala that does not charge on roadside assistance. Some will be good enough to refund any roadside assistance charges you incur during the use of the rental car. However you need to research to get such a rental car hire service Guatemala agency to use.

Roadside assistance for rental cars is invaluable especially when using the rental car with your family in tow. You don’t want to be stuck by the roadside on a foreign road with your family and have no one to turn to. Ask for information on roadside assistance from you rental car agency Guatemala today.