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Car Hire Cape Verde

Using car hire services Cape Verde is relatively easy once you consider a few points. Most people know that for one to rent a car they need a valid driver’s license, but some people do not know that the license must be in use for at least 12 months before it can be considered for car hire. In addition, one is expected to bring an International Drivers Permit because there are countries where a license from another country is not recognized. For any international car hire service Cape Verde, it’s always advisable to bring an international permit.

When hiring cars abroad using a reliable car hire service Cape Verde, you have to be specific about the car size that you need. This is because in certain countries, car sizes are categorized differently and they may categorize the cars in a smaller size than what you are used to. This can lead to hiring the wrong car; so when specifying you car of choice, be sure to clarify on size.

Reputable car hire services Cape Verde have a fleet of cars at their disposal. Some will be manual while others will be automatic, and if you don’t specify the type you prefer, you will end up with what is available. If you don’t drive a manual car and get one then you will go through hard times – so always specify the type of transmission you prefer.

If you plan to use a rental car service Cape Verde, you will benefit from researching on the country’s road rules and requirements for foreign drivers. This will help you to decide the type of rental service you need to use. If you find the place has extremely stringent rules on car hire and frequent police checks that you cannot handle, then you will opt for chauffeured car hire services Cape Verde.

Fuel is another thing to consider when it comes to using a rental car hire service Cape Verde, simply because you need to afford fuel to utilize the car satisfactorily. This will entail checking on the fuel prices in the destination country online. It will help you to decide how much money you need for fuel based on the car you want to hire. For example, cars such as 4x4s utilize more fuel than standard cars, so ideally the car you choose you should be able to pay for the fuel with ease.

Insurance is the last thing to consider with rental cars Cape Verde; without good insurance cover, you will be at risk of incurring huge financial losses. Approach a car insurance expert for advice to avoid paying double for insurance or not paying for enough. If you will be using a secondary driver, ensure that you mention them when signing up for the cover; otherwise if an accident occur when they are in the driver’s seat, you will get no compensation.