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Gwangju Airport Car Hire Quote

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695 8 Gwang Ju Airport, Gwangju, 506 070 (South Korea)
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Car Hire Gwangju Airport

Gwangju Airport is one of the important domestic airports in Gwangju, South Korea. The airport was established in 1950. This airport has no international flights, it is mainly to serve domestic travelers and tourists. This region of South has cultural importance.

The Korean cuisine in this area is popular with the tourists. The landscape of Gwangju is very beautiful. There are several educational institutes in this area, as a result this place is always crowded with tourists. Cultural festivals at Gwangju reflects, the past glory of the empirical period. From Seoul, several modes of transport are available to arrive at Gwangju, but the airway is best of them. There are also subways and direct road link which has connected this city with Seoul. The airport is only 11 kilometers west of the downtown Gwangju. Car hire and rent a car are also available from this airport to other areas of South Korea. There are also luxurious restaurants and coffee shop at this airport for the passengers.

Transportation options at the airport

Gwangju Airport (IATA: KWJ) connects with the subway, metro and bus lines. From the airport terminal car hire is also available for the tourists. The agents of different rental companies are offering this service to both domestic and foreign tourists.

Since the downtown Gwangju is only few kilometers away, in less than half an hour passengers can reach the city center from the Gwangju airport. There is also a large parking space just outside the airport with the automatic parking ticket system. South Korea is widely known for electronics and digital system developer. The airport is the perfect example for that too. The entry, exit, and airport facilities are completely computer operated. This makes the airport operations quicker and easier for the passengers.

Destinations from Gwangju Airport

The Gwangju airport is located on the opposite side of the Seoul. The airport is the entry point to the Gwangju province of South Korea. From the airport passengers can reach the central district of Gwangju and neighboring areas.

Popular destinations from this airport are Pyeongdon, Sangmu, Nokdong, Gwangam, Daesan, Honam University etc. From the airport car hire and rent a car is available to these areas. Rent a car can be arranged over the phone before arriving at the airport too. Subway line of Gwangju has connected the airport to the city network. Therefore, it is also a convenient option for travel to Nokdong, Sangmu and other areas.

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