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Fukuoka Airport Car Hire Quote

Pick Up
2-2-35 Kuko Mae Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, 812-0002 (Japan)
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Nearby Destinations

2 6 16, Hanmichibashi, Hakata ku, City, 812 0897
Hakata Ekihigashi (1.3 miles)
3 14 25 Hakataeki Higashi, Hakata ku, shi, 812 0013
Chikushi Dori (1.5 miles)
1 2 22, Tokoji machi, Hakata ku, shi
Fukuoka (1.6 miles)
1st Floor City 22 Building 3 23 22 Hakata Ekimae Hakata ku, 1st Floor At Hakata Dn Bldg 3 23 22, Hakata Ekimae, Hakata ku, shi, Hakata ku shi, 812 0011
5 22 3, Watanabedori, Chuo ku, City
Kashii Station (4.4 miles)
2 15 4, Kashii Ekimae, Higashi ku, shi
Fukudai Nanakuma (5.8 miles)
7 2 7 Nanakuma, Jonan ku, shi, 814 0133
Chikushino (7.2 miles)
3 3 3, Sugizuka, Tsukushino shi
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Car Hire Fukuoka Airport

The city of Fukuoka is a great destination for anybody who is coming to Japan for the very first time. To the east of this highly modernized urban hub, sits the Fukuoka airport. It is a domestic and international terminal that connects visitors who are coming from other larger cities such as Tokyo and Osaka to other destinations. Whether you are in Japan for a few days or a long vacation, you will love the beautiful sceneries of Fukuoka. It boasts of fine beaches that glitter once the sunshine hits the sands. You can immerse yourself in the pristine waters of the sea or you can simply enjoy the picturesque landscape.

Besides the shoreline, the city has a couple of museums and historical sites that enshrines the culture and history of the Japanese. The best way to enjoy your holiday is by driving yourself to various spots for convenience and comfort. You can rent a car from the Fukuoka airport at very reasonable prices. In the terminal several car hire agencies are available from whom you can hire yours.

Why choose to hire a car?

There are many benefits when you hire a car for getting around the city at Fukuoka airport. Here are some of them:

  • You will travel anytime you want depending on the travel itinerary you have.
  • Your luggage will not remain at your back while going around various points of interests. Most cars have an ample storage space in the boot for keeping all your essentials.
  • Also, you can stop at any given time and buy artifacts from Japanese artists that are displayed on the roadside.
  • You have the freedom to listen to your favorite music while driving.
  • The little ones can comfortably play at the rear seat without disturbing other passengers.

These are just a few of the benefits of renting a car. Nevertheless, this will only be possible if you:

  1. Do a thorough research on the various car rental firms in the Fukuoka airport, compare their prices and services.
  2. Book early in advance. The terminal serves numerous travelers. Hence, it is not uncommon for you to land and miss a car you can hire. Use their online platforms to choose, book and pay for the car you want.
  3. Read and understand the rules and regulations of the firm you choose. Ensure that there are no additional costs which might inconvenience your travel budget.
  4. Lastly, rent a car that is in good condition and one that will give you maximum enjoyment as you tour Fukuoka.
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